In the world, there are many different breeds of horses. They all have differing origins and have many specialized uses. Below is a list of the top seven beautiful and different breed of horses.

1. Abtenauer
The Abtenauer is a beautiful breed. It has German roots and is quite a natural trotter. Its movements are fluid, and it has a rare graceful stance. The horse is often used as a draft horse Despite its average size. Additionally, it has sufficient energy to pull along heavy loads on an inclined terrain. However, the breed is rare. It is said to relate to the Noriker horse breed.

2. Aegidienberger Horse
The Aegidienberger Horse is a new cross. It combines the pure blood of the Icelandic horse and the Peruvian Paso. The goal was to come up with a breed that would adapt to colder climates that are the norm in Germany. The tail is quite thick and has a high set. The breed has a short, muscular upright neck with a proud head carriage. It is a common breed for use in Agriculture and is quite pleasant to mount.

3. Karakacan Horse
The Karakacan Horse originates from Turkey. It arises from a link between the Trakya horse and other breed brought in into Turkey during the Ottoman period. Initially, this was a very common breed. They are quite a few today, and purebred versions of the breed are uncommon. The breed’s traditional colours are often bay.

4. Andalusian
Originating from the mountainous region of the Iberian Peninsula, the breed derives its name from the Andalusian Province. The horse is often hailed as an ancient breed. It arises from cave drawing over 20,000 years old. These drawings depict a similar horse, and the horse breed has been mentioned in the Illian by Homer (1100BC).

5. Belgian
It is a draft horse that originates in Belgium. It was developed in fertile pastures. It was an area where the first draft horses originated from. The breed is heavy, and it was often used as knights’ mounts known as the Flemish. The horse is also known for forestry work, farming, and even pleasure driving. The breed has a red collar and has white face marks and four white stockings or socks.

6. Canadian
The Canadian is a breed that emerged from Canada. It is a common breed for tasks such as driving, dressage, and jumping. The horse has a dark brown, even though it is more common in black. The breed has often been used to enhance the strength of both breeds. It is responsible for a variety of breeds such as American Saddlebred, the Morgan, and the Tennessee Walking Horse. The breed was often exported to many countries. It was shipped to America for the civil war in America and even to aid soldiers in the Boer War in South Africa. After the adoption and transportation of machinery, the Canadian Horse almost became extinct. Machinery was replacing horsepower, and few countries or individuals were keen on getting a horse to the extent of machinery.

7. Caspian
The Caspian has its origins in Iran. It is a beautiful horse, and the breed is characterized will all solid colours. It is often sued for driving carriages and even scurry driving. It leads to improvements in handiness and speed. The Caspian bears a close resemblance to the Arabian. It arises from the large almond shaped eyes, and tipped-in ears that are minimal but graceful.

The different breeds of horses outlined all have various attributes. Even though the widespread use of machinery has made horses rare, many breeds exist. Check out the video below for a comprehensive A-Z guide!

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